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    The Home Edition, 5/05/09

    Surrounded by bright emerald leaves of ancient trees
    and a driving, cold spring rain
    my body aches to link with yours again
    to sense your wounded soul undress
    peel away layers of tension and stress

    when you hold me
    even scold me
    I cannot resist you
    I just have to kiss you
    and dissolve into those thermal pools
    of honesty
    you know as eyes

    each mellifluous word
    drips from your lips--sweet nectar to my ears
    enticing the glow of fading embers of memory
    to blaze inside my mind
    nudging open my tender heart--eradicating my fears
    unlocking the fragile joy sheltered securely at my core

    I crave you like dark Godiva chocolate

    ravenous to converge
    impatient to flow the healing magic of my fingertips
    over your being once more
    to feel the tingling friction of my palms
    braced against your fragrant, glistening skin
    raising the intoxicating passion amassing beneath
    savor the hearty flavor of your essence
    sup with delight on the pleasure of your presence
    release myself deep within the comfort of your radiance
    freeing your inner spirit to meld with mine

    your nearness, divine
    tortures me each day
    this way

    I miss you everso

    © Rafika

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    Stalled Ignition

    Baghdad, 4/17/09

    a torrent of colorful words
    flood my mind
    sparked by the intensity of your presence
    but remain imprisoned
    behind sealed lips
    bent into a smile

    © Rafika

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    Cold Rain

    Tuesday, January 06, 2009
    Rated "G" by the Author.

    a restless quiet
    nestles in the wet, dark bosom of a rainy night
    cloaking the dormant city streets
    that separate my heart from yours

    the last vestiges of Christmas burn bright
    soon to be extinguished by the new day's light
    curling around the edges of the silent sky

    I wonder in the stillness of this frigid downpour
    if you miss me
    as I long for you, again
    as I yearn for the solace of your sweet, soft lips meeting mine
    and memories of your warm voice reverberate in my mind
    recalling the strength of your embrace makes me pine
    for the melting of the ice by heat of the rousing sun
    while I prepare for my departure

    © Rafika

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    Saturday, September 13, 2008
    Rated "G" by the Author.
    In Baghdad...

    Your absence haunts
    my every waking hour

    In my dreams
    I wrestle with the fierce spectre of loneliness

    a worthy opponent

    © Rafika

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    [From the "Home" collection. Subtitled "Pluto in the 5th house." Photo by author.]

    It's all or nothing with you
    "periods of really intense involvement
    followed by long stretches of nothing"
    you're all passion and promise
    breezing over me
    crashing into walls in my space
    driving me wild with your face
    taking command with your hands
    making me wonder, wonder, wonder
    is there more behind door number two?

    and then,
    when I finally give in to you
    leaving no quarter to reservation
    baring my all without hesitation
    before your volcanic eruptions
    you disappear
    for days, weeks, months
    taking with you the absolute reality
    leaving me suffering in the pain-filled memory
    of you all over me
    your scent invading my nostils
    your lips mastering my lips
    your smile upon making me sing
    those smoldering glances from above
    mimicking real love
    followed by enrapturing hugs
    and the stark vision
    of your argyle socks decorating my floor

    © Rafika

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    I've been missing you so much
    but only after sunset
    when my mind turns to evening concerns
    and I leave my work behind
    all the spirits of the night gather about me
    expressing their cloying powers to my mind
    distracting me from duty and daily issues
    as twilight shimmers among the clouds
    and I hope
    for the rain
    you love
    to bathe me
    in this desiccated land
    the soil and I cry out to the heavens
    to bring forth life again
    while the lilies fade
    and the bougainvillea rest between bloomings
    as do my musings
    about you during sunlit hours
    when I escape the memory of your music
    and concentrate on my path, intensely
    as I must during this season
    a halting moment of quietude and aloneness
    an interim
    while they await the gods to enrich their fullness
    once again
    overshadowed by earth's satellite
    heavy with its reflection of the sun
    stillness fills me
    and the air
    is covered with the promise of moisture
    and the kiss of forgotten warmth
    your words travel to meet me
    rubbing against my consciousness
    like some hungry kitten
    seeking my attention

    © Rafika

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    Tears for Benazir

    Author's Note: For Benazir with whom I was honored to share time in the Philippines.


    Is there a stunning sound when hope evaporates into the sun
    Is there an enormous puff of smoke, shattering of glass, or perchance a wail
    Is there a tear shed when democracy undermined dies bleeding in the streets
    Is there a thousand blows to the chest when tyranny grips the body with limbs atrembling
    Is there grave mourning in the corridors of justice as assassins steal our peace
    Is there any escape from misery for the ever-suffering, disenfranchised poor
    Is there life without purpose, potential, mission, or God's divine plan
    Is there another architect of change equal to this disturbing violence
    Is there a brilliant passion that can obliterate this powerful pain
    Where is the light, that golden grain of truth, that can quell this rising storm?

    Posted on 12/27/2007
    Copyright 2007 Rafika Anderson

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    Author's note: From the Casablanca collection, "Mists of Marrakesh."


    Twin glass doors impassively observe the meeting of five corners

    While construction progresses merrily across the street
    Overshadowed by the all-encompassing mosque
    Perched center stage between life and death, east and west
    Unfailingly announcing calls to the faithful
    Throughout the never-ending days morphing into nights

    Swarms of scooters buzz arteries sparkling with activity
    Weaving through pedestrians and cars
    Visitors stream pass white-clad nurses gabbing as gaily as sea gulls
    In their impenetrable tongues outside frosty exam rooms
    Tribal gatherings whisper in fear, animating dark corridors
    Relatives pair before the doors of loved ones
    Converting each room into the entrance to Noah's Ark

    Forlorn masks drawn across desperate faces
    Hold gloomy eyes dripping regret
    Seeking hope from doctors bathed in overpowering colognes
    Delivering nausea to sick and well alike

    Bouquets adorn the entryways
    Permeating sanitized air with their dying breaths
    Small red ants crawl amid the flowers
    Invaders in a near-pristine environment
    Mopped daily
    By cleaners impervious to the enemy forces they drag across the ward

    Recuperating sleepers clothed in paper gowns
    Awakened hourly by conscientious caretakers
    Pushing unsolicited food or ineffective medication
    Accompanied by a steady assault of loud smells
    Competing with even louder cartoons
    Blaring in unfathomable accents, yet familiar tones
    As they strip away warmth-giving spreads
    Force open drapes to shed unwelcome sunlight upon weary sufferers
    And proudly share freshly shorn body parts with family members
    Proof of the beaming surgeon's expert skill
    With draconian techniques in the midst of modernity
    Before sad eyes brimming with weighty tears
    While others shut tight, fervently engage in unheard prayers
    To conquer heartless Fates
    Peeking into open doors like curious strangers
    Intruding on our desire for silence and solitude
    As do the ever cheerful thermometer-wielding assistants to the healer

    Copyright © 2007 Rafika Anderson

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    Mass for Athena


    The specific context of the moment
    defined by pine needles and sugar plum fairies
    surprisingly superceded by an intense surge of memories

    The sky mimics its distressed appearance
    of the melancholy day of your departure
    gloomy, cloud-filled, gray
    the air pregnant with incense and nostalgic aromas
    hinting of the season

    Like a long overdue letter to my soul
    recollections of you pour forth--overcome me
    your seductive smile, your charming words, your fluid mannerisms
    your steel determination and will
    my amazing transformation under your expert tutelage

    Eclipsed by the boundless tyranny of loneliness
    the suffocating burden of your absence
    an agonizing suffering that has refused to end
    my life swiftly slipped into reverse
    wrapped firmly round highly-charged work issues
    eager to engage—
    all righteousness and fury
    keenly aware of social dynamics evolving between those around me
    smothering my optimism and wounded idealism
    with contracts, protocols, and courtesies of a bygone era

    Discerning opposition everywhere
    I sharpen the edge of my victorious sword and recite prayers of battle
    while mind and body manifest moot struggles with time and fear
    gathering strength in the shadows of lurking despair

    Blanketing me like a fine layer of midwinter snow
    the experience of your presence saturates every corner of my mind with joy
    reveals itself in the lively faces of our merry-making mutual friends
    on the rising eventide of the holiday


    Author's Note: From "Moon over Muscat: The Archangel Collection"

    Posted on 12/19/2007
    Copyright © 2007 Rafika Anderson

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    brilliant, beautiful surprise
    I see a banquet in your eyes
    full of life and harmony
    I want to share your energy
    innocence of spirit fills your gaze
    words you say simply amaze
    drawn together by Venus
    something's just so right between us
    a positive unity
    and natural affinity
    bring down all my defenses
    and awaken sleeping senses
    brilliant, beautiful surprise
    I see a banquet in your eyes

    © Rafika 10/30/2007

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    Doctor Love


    Beautiful man
    When I look into your eyes
    I see Archangel Raphael arise
    high into the heavens of a sultry, moon-lit night
    summoning me to enter the temple of your piercing gaze
    and surrender my will to the power of your sweet, dream-laden kisses
    Your lips
    drive hot beach winds
    across the surface of my tender skin
    setting off an incessant tingling wave
    like the rustling of palm tree fronds
    by ancient spirits deep within
    talk to me baby
    I crave the comfort of your touch so much
    I want to crawl inside the warm, open space between your arms
    and have you hold me
    love me
    while you nourish and rock me
    in the torrid embrace of a Brazilian rhythm
    that promises to assuage my suffering
    slowly, gently
    heal the pain of my tormented soul
    talk to me baby
    The delicious tones of your voice
    and tranquil tenor of your thoughts
    mesmerize and overcome me
    like the intoxicating allure of wet pine and eucalyptus
    Your subtle aura
    a sacred catalyst rich with the wisdom of aeons
    penetrates deep into the empty crevices of my psyche
    soothing every worry
    banishing every earthly concern
    relieving my every burning desire

    © Rafika

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    My Haven


    hungry for your passion
    that nourishes me
    safe and secure within your all-encompassing embrace
    you rouse something deep within
    awakening emotion and heat
    long dormant

    you are the most beautiful of the beautiful
    full of magnetism I cannot resist
    a warmth that attracts me

    your subtlety and mysterious depths appeal to me
    stimulating an intense eroticism
    matched by tenderness

    you fill me with deep insight, compassion and healing
    offering solace in your arms
    a stirring of mind and spirit in your words
    and comfort in your kiss

    © Rafika

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    Your Love


    As the mighty rainforest nurtures the earth
    your love
    renews me
    balances me
    replenishes me
    nourishes me deeply on many levels at once

    The care exuded by your touch refreshes every facet of my soul
    purifies my heart
    diminishes my fears
    and brings great joy to my spirit

    © Rafika

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    Geisha by the Sea

    Although I speak many a tongue
    I have yet to master that special one
    needed to reach your distant heart
    and cross the chasm keeping us apart
    I need to give to you to live
    that is my destiny you see
    I don't know what you would have me do
    to exist here without you
    I practice my craft badly
    because now I do it sadly
    I am sapphire blue
    with the absence of you
    Please call me
    and speak freely
    of whatever is on your mind
    I promise to be kind
    as you know it is my way
    to listen to every word you say
    Help me heal this terrible pain
    that drenches me like monsoon rain
    while you are so far away
    it grows more intense each day
    I do not hear your gentle voice
    you know I have no choice
    but to keep on loving you
    there is nothing I can do
    until you go
    I miss you so
    So many hopes dashed by the side
    to you I even relinquished my pride
    and let forth many tears
    more than I have in many years
    It would give me profound grief
    to hold the thought or the belief
    that I have hurt you in some way
    so tell me the words to say
    to erase this awkward space
    and gaze once again upon your face
    You are brilliant like the sun
    I long to be the fortunate one
    to worship you
    what else can I do
    I want nothing more than your trust
    and will even sacrifice my lust
    if you ask me to
    to befriend you
    as we were once before
    when you opened up your door
    and let me enter your universe
    and fill the corners with my humble verse
    Let us try to close this rift
    without you, I am cast adrift
    yearning each moment to see your face
    I'm just a ghost haunting this place
    I can't bear to be alone
    please pick up your telephone
    and let me know you are okay
    so I can make it through the day
    and every night I suffer through
    wondering about you
    Very soon you will leave
    and I will be left here to grieve
    that dark day I knew would come
    when the Fates would take you from
    my half-painted reality
    where I will cherish your memory
    as I languish by this foreign sea
    remembering tenderly
    golden hours you spent close to me
    casting glances in my direction
    strumming your guitar with great affection
    blessing me with your tender smile
    as I adored you for awhile

    © Rafika

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    Apologies to Boanerges
    Listen to Poetry Reading by Rafika


    Many a moon has past
    since you walked with me last
    another gardener has tended my heart
    while you and I have grown apart
    planting his virile seed in my fertile ground
    while you were not around
    to care for me
    He came to me as in a dream
    traveling on a silver moonbeam
    with enthusiasm and zeal
    helping my wounds to heal
    filling my emptiness with his voice
    I simply had no other choice
    but to love him as I do
    the way I once worshipped you
    Lingering here all alone
    wishing I could touch your tone
    brown skin once again
    he moved in
    overcoming my personal space
    insinuating his beautiful face
    where yours had been for so long
    feeding my starving spirit with his song
    saturating all my free time
    inspiring me to write and rhyme
    as you once had
    when you discovered me
    and lonely
    and I adored you only
    Oh, what can I say?
    his smile arose like a sun-filled day
    surrounding me
    when he came down to me
    nurturing me with his soulful kiss
    transforming my anguish into bliss
    holding me close and tight
    throughout my darkest night
    making me forget my crimson pain
    driving away the dark clouds and rain
    I suffered through when your essence
    withdrew from my presence
    and I became turquoise blue
    with the loss of you
    You had loved me sweetly
    deeply and completely
    while he came upon me like a raging fire
    consuming me with passion and wild desire
    turning my freshly-tended emotion
    from heavy sorrow to intense devotion
    gently, yet with clear intent
    he presented himself, so innocent
    vibrantly expressing his quiet power
    causing my soul force to flower
    Full of promise and vitality
    he shared his bounty generously
    connecting at our very core
    he gave me more than I hoped for
    A valiant steed
    he galloped with speed
    across my untilled land
    grasping my open hand
    steering me into his heart
    until he too had to depart
    abandoning this flourishing soil
    beneath the jasmine tree where I toil
    to contemplate and wonder
    what shall I do without you
    sons of thunder

    © Rafika

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    Thick Air

    Foiled again
    you took something beautiful and spoiled it
    you soiled it

    I remember with disgust
    what little remained of our mutual trust
    you wantonly ground to dust
    a victim of your pitiable lust
    causing an irreparable break
    in our usual give and take
    that would not heal
    despite your undeniable appeal

    clearly we see
    the world quite differently

    I can no longer think your name
    without experiencing regret and shame

    between us there was a special bond
    of which I had grown extremely fond
    but it died a senseless death at your hand
    and now I hide the putrid carcass with my tears in the sand

    you stole my face
    in a public place
    carelessly flaunting yours
    dallying with common whores
    proudly and freely
    for all to see

    if you were to take my advice
    which I offer without a price
    you should not try to be a hood
    you obviously are not that good
    although you may act tough
    you are not bad enough
    that's why you must hang in bars with sluts
    you lack the necessary guts
    to deal honestly
    or face reality

    sadly, you are not the man I thought you were
    rather, you are some unsavory character
    treating anyone you meet like a toy
    you are just a homeless little boy
    and although I tried to accept you as you are
    that road is much too far
    to walk alone

    I was ready to forgive and give you everything
    yet you treated me as some mere plaything
    and I admit
    I am unfamiliar with the bloody game you play
    but you ruin yourself every time you say
    that you will call
    then crawl into your abyss of silence
    to cower and do penance

    you snatched my heart
    tore it apart
    stained my soul
    and buried my shredded mind in a deep black hole

    how do you continue to breathe thick air
    burdened by such rotten sin
    I wonder -- are you a heartless demon?

    I truly wanted to love you
    and only think well of you
    I went to you pure
    but you diseased me and now I seek a cure

    beguiled by your smile into your insidious lair
    you promised me something that was never there
    you are completely unable to care

    soon you will learn
    in this life you receive what you earn
    anyone who cuts his friends to the bone
    will find himself in the end all alone
    down on his knees
    surrounded only by his enemies
    deaf to his many pleas
    for tender mercy

    © Rafika

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    Blue Petunias


    Aruna comes late to water the babies
    tending to the seedlings
    planted three fortnights ago
    when you were by my side
    now, they raise their brilliant heads
    toward the indigo sky
    proudly declaring their vitality and identity
    as do you
    reminding me of your bright hopes and aspirations
    your dashing imagination
    your cheerful disposition
    and positive approach to the great escapade
    I observe their growth with amazement
    wondering what they and you will become

    you feed me gently
    each word a unique joy
    nourishment to my open-mouthed soul
    like some ravenous baby bird toward its mother
    -- my ear to your lips
    my spirit leaps with elation
    to the cerulean heavens
    surging to connect with yours
    overflowing with gleaming optimism
    for one more day of grace between us
    blessed by the goddess Venus
    doting over our fate
    steering us benignly into the obscure mystery
    to come

    stunning energy encircles me
    an amorous breeze brushes against my skin
    brazen crickets chirp into the wind
    the house settling like some drowsy giant behind me
    water seeping deep into the hungry soil
    nourishing hidden roots
    brash flowers inundate the nighttime air
    with their demonstrative bouquet of comfort
    cold cobalt ocean waves
    reiterate to my forlorn heart
    "he cares"
    subduing the tempest that ravaged me
    over the past moon's quarter
    I have spent without a breath of life from you

    no longer will I wrestle
    and sear my sheets with longing for you
    covered merely by anxious dreams
    ceaselessly tormented with concern
    about your condition
    the spell of your voice
    has calmed that red dragon
    coiled deep within my center
    rising from its slumber
    with your sustained silence

    when moonrise comes
    I shall sleep
    a tranquil sleep
    enfolded in sapphire memories and dreams
    of resting securely within your loving arms

    © Rafika

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    With You...


    If I could kiss you
    I would kiss you
    but then
    I might miss you
    and want you
    and hunger for the bright, shiny touch of your fingers
    meeting my flesh
    nay igniting
    a burning
    that will never end
    pulsing beneath my skin
    making me crave
    your presence
    as a midnight bloomer
    aching for the sun
    and your lips
    would take mine
    in a passionate embrace
    of your face against my face
    hugging bodies
    crushing the air between them
    'til sleep
    on the verge of giving birth
    overtakes consciousness
    and brings forth
    magnificent dreams
    of tomorrow
    with you

    © Rafika

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    Deep Love


    Your talking eyes ooze affection
    expressing love pure and free
    a high degree of satisfaction
    segues seamlessly from you to me

    Your vast reservoir of creativity
    pours forth a flood into my open heart
    you exert yourself with keen imagination
    brightening my spirit with sensation
    melding intense energy to intimacy
    your heat commands my receptivity
    calling out to my feeling nature to respond

    Persistent as a smoldering flame
    your lips ignite my skin with tiny touches
    concentrated power between your thighs
    at once high and deep
    your inquisitive nature seeking to know my depths
    while dynamic caring covered by dignity
    harmonizes with my mood
    engulfing me vibrantly
    overtaking sense and reason
    with exquisite pleasure
    loving me gently and completely
    luminously embraced by your fathomless charms
    I glow

    © Rafika

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    Retinal Burn
    (Has been published in the collection Stars in Our Hearts)


    mmm ~ those eyes!

    those gentle hazel Marrakech surprise
    they hide a sable fire as their prize
    that even silver moonlight can't disguise

    mmm ~ those eyes!

    does their fragile beauty cover up dark secrets or sweet lies?
    their ardent inquiescence evokes eloquent, deep sighs
    as they crinkle, dance and speak my name they mysteriously tantalize

    mmm ~ those eyes!

    those hungry, gaping doorways raise my spirits to newfound highs
    they shimmer in the orange grove like a brilliant, gold sunrise
    their ferocious, ancient laughter cannot help but mesmerize

    mmm ~ those eyes!

    they breathe a cosmic magic into the sparkling midnight skies
    reciting poems of timeless verses that profoundly hypnotize
    birthing steamy supernovas of fervent hope that never dies
    fueled by sacred Berber music, sweet couscous, and tribal ties
    ablaze - they stream forth promises that never fail to realize

    mmm ~ those eyes!

    an endless letter to my soul my mind yearns to analyze
    an intimate harangue in silence my heart has come to recognize
    how did those fiery diamonds ever learn to be so wise?

    © Rafika

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    The Night You Left Me


    Where did you go?

    I felt your warmth so near
    palpably seeping from your body with each heart beat into mine
    only beams of the poet's moon teased their way between us
    a mysterious gravitational force
    pulling me even closer to you
    making me crave you like some syrupy desire

    I laid awake in the dark
    wondering where you were
    recalling the smooth intricacies of your voice
    your crooked smile
    your tender fingers intertwined with mine
    staring into your absent gaze
    still sensing your suffocating presence hovering in the light spring air
    until the appearance of the Marrakech sun

    © Rafika

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    (Won Poem of the Day on 12/29/08 at Pathetic.org)


     I can tell from your words you love me deeply and I know I will love you too
    I only wish I also knew that I would remain loyal and true to you
    I have always been such a fickle girl throughout my many years
    and love has only brought me a watershed of heartbreak and endless tears

    but you shine brightly with the promise of a pure affection that never dies
    I see the twin hands of confidence and trust reaching towards me in your eyes
    I hope you realize that my wavering emotions are like a raging brush fire
    you cannot grasp them in your palms and must let them blossom and expire

    I am surfing this wave of Destiny carrying me swiftly toward your loving arms
    giving myself freely to my pre-written future and your well-polished charms
    patience, my prince -- my feet are dancing their way from here to there
    sooner than you think, we shall soar as one in the midnight air

    © Rafika

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    (Won Poem of the Day on 3/06/06 at Pathetic.org)


    even the skies weep for the loss of you
    the heavens open and let forth a miraculous rain
    that trickles down the whitewashed garden walls
    soaking the jasmine trees near the portico
    wetting the moonflowers by the door
    drenching the frangipani and the lilies in their respective beds
    flooding the bougainvillea, leaving their soft, bright petals everywhere
    endeavoring to elicit a similar response
    from my eyes
    on my cheeks
    scorched dry by your final kisses

    Your observation of me has evoked a keen self-awareness
    the body in my hair
    the colors that I wear
    how many times I lick my lips
    or how my Philly stroll may sway my hips

    I miss our emotional intimacy
    the ability to say anything to or ask everything of one another
    time spent listening, sharing, understanding, being the ideal lover
    however, the acute pain of anticipating your absence is gone
    replaced by the chronic despair of actual separation

    Although I turn my attention to my work
    I am not satisfied
    as we roll into a distant province like a summer tempest
    I realize that today is the first day of Ramadhan
    and I, unlike my Muslim brothers, am fasting from you
    taken from me by the sighted new moon, your sovereign

    As we proceed from place to place
    extending the glad hand and wearing the ever-smiling gringo face
    I know that you would have truly appreciated these ruddy, tawny foothills
    these starkly contrasting mountains cascading ruggedly against the afternoon sky
    covered by soft shadows created by vast, rolling clouds
    not unlike the four horsemen
    advancing fiercely towards the sea

    We race against Apollo's chariot, dodging water and oil truck caravans
    flying through deserted, desiccated moonscapes on a mock Bataan death march
    to reach the emerald capital before sunset
    where every place is tainted by memories of you
    and strains of "Me Vuelve Loco" on the FM dial make everyone laugh, including me
    who remembers saying those words to you, precisely, not too long ago

    Meanwhile, I note the parched plains--once sea beds--naked and vulnerable like me
    with the exception of a handful of traditionally-revered Sumer trees
    and the occasional ancient, long-abandoned and decrepit hilltop tower

    It is then that I discover that I cannot cry
    the grief of your departure
    still fresh
    is a boulder lodged firmly between my breasts
    hidden, buried, disguised

    Now that you are gone
    my telephone has returned to radio silence
    I no longer hope that it will ring
    or expect to hear your mellifluous "hello" if it does
    I do not yearn, burn, toss and turn, or agonize for you-- at least not publicly
    strong, stoic, proud
    at the many mentions of your name
    I just plain miss you

    © Rafika

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    The Parting


    The last time I saw your face
    a downpour of love rained upon me
    drenching me
    soaking my soul

    my heart leapt towards yours
    yearning to intermingle
    bursting with joy to be so near

    my hands ached desperately to touch you
    tingling pierced my fingertips
    sparkling, electric

    fever rushed throughout my body
    burning to connect with yours
    once more

    I thirsted for the sight of you as you turned to leave in haste
    hungered for your voice to savor just one more taste

    Can nothing satisfy this craving for you
    that has taken hold and possessed me?

    I vacillate between calm and chaos
    delight and desperation
    pleasure and defeat
    if I will see your sweet smile again

    Ever the geisha
    I do not want to let you see into my mind
    or feel my heartache
    I try to spare you the riveting drama
    rampaging wildfirelike within me

    I give you my painted lips
    my well-rehearsed laughter
    to remember
    the practiced soft brush of my trembling digits on your elbow
    accompanied by kind words
    soothing thoughts
    as I see it is hard too for you to depart
    and wish not to make the separation even more difficult

    As I hold back tears with all my might
    you turn and feed me a shimmering hope
    with forlorn and pensive eyes
    refusing my kiss your lips

    It is then that I know with certainty
    that you will miss me
    equally as I miss you
    and you understand without reservation
    the torment that has gripped my being
    these past few days
    as I suffered in preparation for
    the parting of the ways

    © Rafika

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    Walking with Sally

    (Won Poem of the Day on 11/28/06 at Pathetic.org)


    Winter came far too soon
    Lingered beyond its appointed time
    Silencing my reawakened song
    With a dark flurry of ashes falling from the past

    With your closeness comes a hint of spring
    Your subtle almost touching warmth
    Teases my solar plexus to erupt
    with bright hymns of yearning
    As reflected youth and long-lost loves
    Come again to greet me

    The soft brush of cheeks
    resonates with a sustained longing
    To grow closer to you
    To spend lazy afternoons by your side
    Remembering mint tea conversations
    flavored with laughter
    and generous heaps of sugar

    © Rafika

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    Pink Fingers


    Immersed in calm
    powerful memories of you saturate my mind

    Fingers of dawn
    silently soothe dark spaces
    as gentle, loving, and incessant
    as your essence meeting mine

    I crave your nearness
    the fullness of you permeating all of parts of me
    covering my secret places with your soft kisses
    as morning's light does the sky

    © Rafika

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    Night Magic


    The sweltering evening air
    swirls about me
    covering me voluptuously
    playfully reminding me
    of the warm moisture of your flesh
    meeting mine
    embracing me
    without cease
    from fingertip to toes

    I long for the fervor of your kisses
    your easy, contagious laughter
    and cupid eyes
    that made me want you so

    I miss the genuine comfort
    promised by the heat of your touch
    your gentle gaze peeling back the layers of my soul
    and soft lips nestling on my breast

    your eager smile
    penetrated me
    and completely

    burning with desire
    I seek your thoughts
    sea of emotions
    that awakened me
    from a dozen fortnights of slumber

    and alone
    I dream of your touch
    drenched by the gaudy beauty of the night
    I yearn to fill you with delight
    and long sought peace

    © Rafika

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    You make me want to share all that is hidden
    and taste the fruits of the forbidden
    I feel I must be totally honest with you
    somehow nothing less will do

    You have an impact on me like no other
    there is so much about you that I admire
    you set me on fire and awaken desire

    Sometimes I feel your thoughts before they are spoken
    like a communion at the highest level of the mind
    your music stimulates and opens me
    makes me feel incredibly free

    When I listen to your words, I feel I am a part of you
    we are one flame instead of two
    talking to you, I sense new insights are revealed
    and through our discourse, we are healed
    it's all good

    I can tell you have your own path to follow
    just let me walk beside you for awhile
    we are quite different and will continually change
    but for now let us share this spiritual exchange
    you uplift me, cheer me, free me from gloom

    Our first meeting of the minds was intense
    I wanted to wrap you in a halo of incense
    and adore you completely from head to toe
    until you told me that you had to go
    yet, I feared sudden passion would soon cool
    and I would be left alone, a fool

    When I see your tender expression
    I feel it is right to proceed with my mission
    to be your friend the best that I can
    whether from afar or up close and personal
    and share a moment of warmth and togetherness
    that will span all time

    I yearn for something deep and beautiful
    that I feel you can supply
    a fellowship in oneness
    a real communication of the heart
    yours laying down the sounds that move mine to sing the words

    I confess I am afraid to damage this tenuous link
    but your sensitivity and awareness shine so bright
    you fill the night
    with brilliance and harmony
    that excites and inspires me
    it's all good

    Once you came knock knocking at my door
    I saw everything more clearly than before
    and I realized, looking in your eyes, that it is a small, small world
    knowing that music such as yours is there
    makes my life easier to bear

    I want you to know
    my only wish is to help you grow
    to reach your highest heights
    to allow our affection
    to blossom to perfection
    enjoy the force that flows between us
    liberate your soul from earthly concerns
    and make you feel well for a spell

    This fascination I have for your light within
    bears no sin
    I know one touch from you will transform me
    utterly and completely
    and want you to feel free to express yourself uninhibitedly
    with full potency and energy
    increase your good feeling
    to the point of healing
    the pain buried in your soul
    until you are restored and whole

    My friend, find your course and soar
    experience your creativity like never before
    rise above struggle and strife
    take a moment to appreciate life
    I will be here for you
    Until your time in this place is through

    © Rafika

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    Lost Love


    Like fine silk your warm caress on my tingling skin
    I yearn to wear you everyday again

    Our eager tongues unite on fire
    words trip over laughter fueling fervent desire

    Wet lips seeking lips
    hot hips seeking hips

    Separated by memories as vibrant as reality
    fear we may combust constrains burgeoning lust

    We gingerly dance around the rising flame of romance
    wantonly wasting the golden sand of stolen hours
    taking turns exercising unique powers
    until succulent regret overwhelms decorum
    and we finally succumb
    to unbearable longings
    unlocking precious truths
    buried in each others eyes, arms, loins

    © Rafika

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    Tea Ceremonies & Eventide


    Your words make me wonder

    who cares for you
    takes care of you
    makes you tea in the evening
    when the sky grows dark, cold, and heavy with events of the day
    that yearn to be lain aside as the grass prepares to slumber

    who boils the water that promises to give so much despite its purity

    who sifts through the petals that carry longing, love and destiny in their every fiber

    who tends to the vapor filled pot that holds the secrets of the universe and nature's vibrancy
    to be transferred to your spirit from the sacrifice of the earth

    who stirs your soul in winter and warms your heart and hearth

    who transforms your weariness to comfort and your wishes into dreams fulfilled

    who follows your every thought with interest and that special insight that only loved ones possess

    who subtly pours moments of innocence and kindness into your loving cup

    who blows soft ripples across the fluids of your life
    restoring your joy

    © Rafika

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    Peppers and Spice
    (Won Poem of the Day on 10/18/07 at Pathetic.org)


    You arch over me
    dauntingly, intellectually
    instigating my desire for a secret portal through the ethers
    by which to connect your succulent essence with my own
    soak into myself your voluptuous cinnamon warmth
    your sweet paprika effervescence
    your hot peppercorn kisses
    barely brushing against my lips
    like the petals of fresh rosebuds on my cheek
    your breath - a soft chocolate caress
    licking my neck
    whispering my name
    a low flame - insistent, yet elusive
    leaving me panting for more
    your magnificent thoughts taunting red corpuscles to a rapid boil
    only to reduce my passion to an elaborate simmer

    I am sure to caramelize and combust
    within the full immersion of your delectable embrace
    when finally we meet
    and blend the two halves of our aching hearts

    © Rafika

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    Love Magic

    I seek
    the silent communion of twin flames
    the total union of like-minded souls in oneness everlasting
    a joining of spirits that cannot be parted
    a sharing of lives through ebbs and flows
    a wondrous unity of thought and emotion
    devotion to a common goal
    a heavenly gathering of essence divine that matter cannot separate
    a collision of atoms evoking the melding of pure energy
    a sealing, a binding, a perpetual yoking
    of two hearts harmonized as one
    the coming together that cannot be broken
    the intertwining yarns that create a new thread
    the synthesis of colors that produces unknown splendors to behold
    the young and the old birthing a brand new existence
    opposites meeting on the other side of the world
    a felicitous eclipse of sun and moon
    the precipitous meeting of heat and cold
    the never-ending enfolding and unfolding of the Self
    that takes place like the Universe breathing in the alchemy of love
    exhaling a blending that brings forth
    a momentary passionate glimpse of immortality

    © Rafika 12/03 Muscat

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    Springtime in Marrakech


    A glamorous gypsy aglow in a silken rosy dress
    Dancing wildly and free in the encroaching darkness
    Surrounded by dense mists of amber and musk fragrance
    Endowed with secret powers and a gentle magnificence
    Haloed by the rainbow-hued perfume of love
    She dazzles under the lapis lazuli heavens above
    Lovingly decorated with as many orange and olive trees
    As there are Babels of visiting tribes and ethnicities
    Who greedily savor her sweet, delicate broth
    Melded by her subtlety like a hand-woven cloth
    A blended aphrodisiac of splendid sights, scents, and sounds
    A sacred trance mélange that with ultimate joy she abounds
    She trembles with delight to the throb of a million cars
    Traversing her luminous show under a shawl of ardent stars
    Competing fiercely with vivid dashes of red and yellow flowers
    Long into the sanguine post meridian hours
    Enticing strolling passersby to indulge a rich and reverent sleep
    Amid her luring haven of comfort and blessings buried deep
    Flinging wide her massive engraved wooden door
    Bearing intricate carvings of symbols of yore
    Adorned with hand-molded ornaments of iron, copper, and brass
    She opens to sweet vistas of villages in valleys of emerald grass
    Populated by genuine faces polished with wisdom and grace
    In which kohl-lined, sultry eyes chant psalms of a brave nomadic race
    Her sandy Kasbahs and ancestral palaces glimmering brightly
    With a dreamlike enchantment of the soul offered nightly
    She performs a dulcet seduction with a cosmic synergy
    Casting enduring spells of magic with a timeless energy
    With hennaed hands covered by talismans both new and old
    Crafting glazed earthenware, emblazoned silver daggers, and kaftans of gold
    She tenderly tucks in that indigo tune of nascent night
    Between hoof drops of horse-drawn carriages in mid flight
    Stepping gingerly around the omnipresent buzz and drones
    Of motor scooters and natural beauty painted in muted tones
    Skirting myriad turquoise pools, dark Koi ponds, and gurgling fountains
    At the feet of the majestic snow-crested Atlas Mountains
    Choruses of diverse birds dim their passionate serenade
    In the shadow of a thousand date palms ostentatiously on parade
    Jealously guarding their Andalusian jewelry-laden treasure
    A chimera shining in the heart of this rustic land of pleasure
    Like some kaleidoscopic dervish endlessly whirling
    Saturating her surrounds with a riot of aromas and colors swirling
    Beneath an icy moon pregnant with mystery gliding by
    Trailing a veil of glistening plumes across a darkening sky
    Blessed by rising Venus' caress and fervent ritual of the muse
    Marrakech welcomes with warm embrace the weary traveler's blues
    Transforming strangers with her healing touch into lifelong friends
    Within her soothing aura of tranquility that never ends
    © Rafika 3/05 Marrakech

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    You touch me golden
    Stirring me gently
    Sunkissed by your bronze glow skin
    You dissolve all resistance within
    Beaming beyond your flavorful smile
    You serve your sleek and graceful body to me for a while
    In a deep communion of fluid spirit
    You are indeed the perfect fit
    Rich in life and electric bright
    You excite my sensual appetite

    Scrumptious -
    you pour like pomegranate juice between my lips
    You cover me with the melted sauce of your hips
    An elusive, tangy nectar sip
    A yummy, elegantly seasoned dip
    You enter me like hot chocolate
    Sprinkled with shavings of cinnamon
    Your syrupy almond eyes simmer me, impeccably
    Whipping me into an indulgence supreme
    Lank and lean, you move across me like cream
    With a tamarind taffy taste on my tongue
    You pour over me like oozing dark rum
    Shaping and rolling me - sticky dough in your hand
    I respond freely to your exceptional command
    Stuffed and pumped to the peaks of paradise
    Your delectable kisses melt my seething flesh like ice
    Wrapped securely like fajitas between your luscious legs
    I relish your honey-dripping gaze
    And the vibrant dialog of our two souls
    Enjoying a heated, sumptuous embrace
    Fused minds and bodies become one taste
    In a feast for the gods marinated at night
    I dance for you the curried delight
    A rare celebration earthy and fresh
    Overwhelming our senses and blended flesh
    To the rhythm of your savory, salty beat
    I am effervescence at your feet
    Grooving on the pungent spice of your heavenly scent
    I sup the meal magnificent
    Beneath the stellar display above
    An organic, sweet, salsa dish of love

    © Rafika 9/11/2003 Muscat

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    She's gone...(from the Home Edition, 12/13/10)

    I'm not that girl

    you know--
    the one who
    waited with brilliant expectation
    amid the fragrant nightbloomers
    for the undeniable footfall of your
    soon approach

    the listener
    transfixed by the vibrant music
    issuing forth from the urgent invitation
    of your glistening lips

    the golden one who laughed
    brightened by your silvery seduction
    yearning to be summoned by your touch
    to rise into the night's allure
    and fill the sky with legendary song
    of the phoenix, reborn

    now ruined by your absence
    I lay lost
    buried among the embers
    shedding their warmth like dying stars
    in a wind-blown pile of the dust of corpses
    unstirred, abandoned
    and alone

    © Rafika 12/13/2010

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    Seeking Harmony


    I want to get out of the cold
    immerse myself in the solar rays
    of a peaceful, quiet place
    a natural environ

    that feeds my hungry soul
    a comfortable space
    a vibrant community
    where creativity is alive
    and all I have to offer is appreciated

    © Rafika 1/02/2011

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    Reaching out with my heart to touch you
    I hunger till my teeth ache

    I sense you about me with each atom of my soul
    wanting your eyes to fill my own
    and speak
    your hands to intertwine
    finger by finger
    and lock
    with mine

    I wait
    with a wild impatience
    for you to give yourself to me
    wholly, completely, freely
    fearless in my presence

    I practically explode into the encroaching night
    with desire to connect the dots
    between us
    the air
    the essence
    that breath of life that joins us
    endlessly, intimately
    a brilliant crash
    of molecules of affection
    from smile to smile
    from step to step
    toward that cosmic embrace

    I love you with a dire pain
    that recognizes no constraint
    a ceaseless passion
    that arcs time and space
    an eternal flame
    you ignite and extinguish
    with one peerless kiss
    scorching like a nova
    breaking through the clouds
    and cold April rain
    to touch me
    while the gods play
    with the strands of our destinies

    © Rafika 4/06/2012

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